Hi, we are Sofija and Teodora!

Together we form TeYosh.

In short, we do animation, art direction and concepting. We work both for clients and on self-initiated projects.

In a few more words, we are design thinkers who offer an alternative point of view and try to define unwritten rules of modern society.

Challenges are what challenges us the most. We find challenge in every brief and we challenge each other to challenge the boundaries of what we do. Our work is usually multidisciplinary, connecting design to social topics, mostly from the field of psychology, technological advancements and (the future of) communication. We are particularly interested in defining and analyzing social phenomena from our own perspective, hoping that it acts as a thought provoker on modern day problems. We find the original narrative and fresh visual language to be equally important in a project. In our work we combine the knowledge from various fields and elements from different visual environments which lead to rich and surreal results. By juxtaposing the elements from the natural surrounding with the ones from digital environment we tend to move the boundaries of reality and question the norms of aesthetics. We consider humor to be one of the most powerful communication tools, which is why in our work criticism and sharp observations are often put in a humoristic and seemingly naive packaging that easily relates to audience.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 FILE festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016 Athens Digital Arts Festival/ADAF, Athens, Greece
2016 THE NEXT BIG THING IS NOT A THING, Maastricht, The Netherlands
2016 Cyber Island, Halle, Germany
2015/16 Planet Hype MOTI museum, Breda, The Netherlands
2015 Somewhere Between Cat and Ruin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Identify me, Belgrade, Serbia
2012 The International Summit of Cheap Graphics, Belgrade, Berlin, Amsterdam
2012 Mikser festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2011 Prague Quadrennial, Not Gated, Prague, Czech Republic

Selected Publications

Sandu Publishing My Graphic DNA
Art Power Publishing Type Object by Barbara Brownie
Ginko Press Type Player 3
Zeixs Illustration 2

Selected Press

The Archive Collective

Great Clients We Worked With

Random Studio
HIVOS International

So far we haven’t had a contact that hasn’t enriched our lives or work in some way. Will you be the first one? Surely not! Do not hesitate to contact us at teyosh@gmail.com for job inquiry, question/comment on our work or simply to say hi. We currently work from Random studio’s office, Westzaanstraat 10, 1013NG Amsterdam.